Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tropical Fruit.

Graphite on 130 gsm A4 paper.
Back to graphite, thought I am still playing with my charcoal sticks.
Some thing that I have been frustrated for a long time now, is the glare in my pencil work photographs. Pencil works are best photographed in a bright shade. But it is easier said than done. Even in the shade some part of the drawings got more light than the the rest, resulting in a glare or over darkening of one side of the drawing etc.
I have tried photographing at different times of the day. Afternoon works best if you have access to a terrace or open space where the light hits from all directions. But even then, even lighting is tricky (tricky sentence :) ). Evenings have never worked for me.
This particular photo, with which I am really happy was taken early in the morning just before sun rise. It was very bright outside but no sun rays hitting the art work, no glare, no shadows and very little editing required. I am all smiles.

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